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Latest Transacted Unit Price
VIBE CENTRO  9 MUK NING STREET  Estate  0  930  -  -  -  
K. CITY  7 MUK NING STREET  Estate  0  900  -  -  -  
ONE KAI TAK  MUK NING STREET  Estate  0  1191  -  -  -  
煥然壹居  3 MUK CHUI STREET  Estate  0  484  -  -  -  
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* The above statistics is based on residential transaction of 2nd-hand market
** The table above only displays the major property in the district, use address search (top-right corner search box) to find specific property
*** Source: The Land Registry & Centadata Company Limited. Last update on 28/04/17
You can search by building, estate or street name:

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