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Aberdeen/Ap Lei Chau > BAGUIO VILLA      Reference Unit Price:Saleable Area-$18152($16393 - $19442)   Gross Area-$15788($14097 - $17434)
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Occupation Date:12/1979
Number of Unit1543
Number of Building33 block(s)

Block ListNumber of FloorUnit per FloorNumber of Unit
16座10 floor(s)2 unit(s)20 unit(s)
17座10 floor(s)2 unit(s)20 unit(s)
18座10 floor(s)2 unit(s)20 unit(s)
19座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
20座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
21座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
22座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
23座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
24座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
25座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
26座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
27座25 floor(s)4 unit(s)100 unit(s)
28座29 floor(s)1 unit(s)33 unit(s)
29座29 floor(s)1 unit(s)33 unit(s)
30座29 floor(s)1 unit(s)33 unit(s)
31座29 floor(s)1 unit(s)33 unit(s)
32座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
33座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
34座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
35座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
36座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
37座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
38座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
39座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
40座22 floor(s)1 unit(s)23 unit(s)
41座30 floor(s)1 unit(s)30 unit(s)
42座30 floor(s)1 unit(s)30 unit(s)
43座30 floor(s)1 unit(s)30 unit(s)
44座30 floor(s)1 unit(s)30 unit(s)
45座30 floor(s)1 unit(s)31 unit(s)
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