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Tsuen Wan > ALLWAY GARDEN      Reference Unit Price:Saleable Area-$9317($9167 - $9467)   Gross Area-$8180($8094 - $8267)
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Occupation Date:06/1981
Number of Unit3424
Number of Building16 block(s)

Block ListNumber of FloorUnit per FloorNumber of Unit
A座22 floor(s)8 unit(s)176 unit(s)
B座22 floor(s)8 unit(s)176 unit(s)
C座22 floor(s)8 unit(s)176 unit(s)
D座24 floor(s)8 unit(s)190 unit(s)
E座24 floor(s)8 unit(s)190 unit(s)
F座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)228 unit(s)
G座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)224 unit(s)
H座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)224 unit(s)
J座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)228 unit(s)
K座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)228 unit(s)
L座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)229 unit(s)
M座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)231 unit(s)
N座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)231 unit(s)
P座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)231 unit(s)
Q座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)231 unit(s)
R座29 floor(s)8 unit(s)231 unit(s)
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